Friday, July 23, 2010

Buat si pemalas

lazy bum you!
oh oh bum bum macam tembam?hehe's just certain time of month(certain la sangat, macam hari-hari!), i will have this extremely lazy girl in me.
i don't like her but now she is with me.
syuh syuh go away you naughty girl.
i have so many things to do right now and
this is not the right time for you to show up!
okay i don't know if you guys had ever experienced this.
the girl i was talking about is myself.the negative part of me.
you know you have to do your homework/assignments or something important but you just don't!
but why?
i have read an article saying that when we have too many works using both of our mental and physical, Lactin will produced in our muscles.
Lactin is a toxic substance that will make our muscles stiff.
this therefore causes us to be lazy and we feel fatigue(eleh dah malas salahkan toksin ni pula :p).
that is from a scientific concept.
my point of view?
well this is mainly because we lack of motivation.
when we have someone/something motivates us,
i am sure this laziness will disappear.
tak percaya?
ok awak tolong siapkan kerja ni, saya beri awak BlackBerry Bold.mau?
tak pun awak dapat 4.0 saya nak awak masuk meminang the day after result keluar.
but then my mother motivates me a lot.
malas juga, so how la?
oh it is maybe because of the Lactin :p
jahat ini Lactin.jom jom kita babab dia.
jika memang sebab Lactin(macam nama orang pula),
we should manage our work.
prioritize which work you think is the most important.
amalkan To-Do list.
so that you know mana sudah siap, mana belum.
satu lagi,
never procrastinate which is a veeery bad habit
(tapi salu je melengah nadia ni T__T).
bila kita berlengah/bertangguh sesuatu kerja,
kerja akan jadi berlambak-lambak.ha sebab tu yang jadi banyak.pastu kita guna mental fizikal bagai nak rak,pastu lactin pun menjelma.
wah suka betul dengan lactin ya.jatuh cinta karang ;)
sampai disini sahaja,
akhir kata kita kena kuatkan azam dalam diri kita
buat kerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh,
rajinkan diri untuk buang sikap malas tu.
tapi ingat,
buat kerja dengan I.K.H.L.A.S.
say bye-bye to encik malas!
good day you alls!

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