Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do we really need a blog?

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.
Apparently this is the first post ever in my blog. i even joined this because my best friend, Bella asked me to. asked doesn't sound right there, it shuld be i wonder does everyone need to have a blog?? do i really need one??
Some uses blog for business purposes. they could sell their product by showing the pictures or the details of the product. stop it nadia. everybody knows that. some uses them because they simply love writing.and typing. some uses blog due to boredom and therefore can express their feelings through blogging. most blogs i read they write about themselves, their daily activities, sharing some beauty or fashion tips where somehow i find it interesting.
Well i guess that's all for now. i am not so good in writing. so i hope by having a blog i could at least improve my writing. and improve the look of my blog. ha ha. bye for now!
ps: now i wonder when will my next post be ??!! :)


bella dela rosa said...

babe.someone believe that we are lesbian..omg,wuts on earth tudung dikepala na lesbian terover.
n byk lagi orang len pecaye.bkn pecaye ragu2.totally pecaye.hakhak.sukeee.lets people talk wut they want to.
kite mcm biase.:)muah.!

kamals said...

owh, im 2nd person comment...yay! thanks! ;)
hm...good try blogging...may u got more follower ;P
nice to meet u, hope 1 day will accidently meet u at upm...hehe ;P
btw happy holiday! ;)


bella : that true?how do you know that syg?adoi la i takde nafsu kat perempuan ;p even cntk cam you or hot mcm megan fox.tapi takpe la.syg you my bestest friend forever.muah :)
kamals : gee..i am the 1 who supposed to thank you.thank you :)happy holidays to you too

auji said...

yeayyy nadia gorgeous dah ada blog! i dah follow u. dont forget to follow mine! weeee


yayang oi.i follow u dulu taw :))


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